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Product Details:
Each of our Iconic Signature Collection perfumes in our 125th Anniversary Limited Gold Collection is produced in limited numbers and with a special design!

1895, saluting the past with its therapeutic and distinctive scent and taking its name from the year our brand was founded, took its place in 125th Anniversary Limited Gold Collection. Only 1895 bottles of 1895 Eau de Perfume from the Iconic Signature Collection were produced for our brand's 125th anniversary. 1895 Eau de Perfume is presented in a sleek, black handcrafted box, in solid gold colored bottles each of which are specially enumerated. 1895 Eau de Perfume Limited Gold Collection opens with the radiant notes of tangerine, bergamot and lime. It leaves a refreshing and mild first impression. Bergamot is effective against stress and anxiety with its clean and refreshing citrus scent. In the middle/heart notes, a mix of cardamom, rhubarb and neroli greets you. The pungent and citrus scent of cardamom relaxes your senses and combines with the fruity and fresh scents of neroli and rhubarb. In base notes, the stress and anxiety relieving scents of oakmoss, vetiver and cedar relaxes you. 



Use Instructions:
Spray in upright position.

Made in Turkey

Creation: 1895 Signature

Size: 125Ml

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